Buikukai Aikido
Ai: Harmony, Ki: Energy, Do: A Path or Way of Life

What is Aikido?

Aikido is the fastest growing "non-competitive" martial art worldwide. The ultimate intention is to disarm opponents through applying accurate timing and body-learnt techniques to your opponent, leading to a single conclusion where your opponent is guided into constrained pins, locks or unstable angles. Ideally, this can be achieved free of tension and aggression - providing a safe and controlled environment where both you and your opponent remain unscathed. Therefore, the techniques seen in Aikido are unique and are not found in other martial arts. Upon achieving the immaculate timing and hard-earned esoteric techniques of Aikido - free of violence and destruction - you might wonder why there is anything else!

The development of Aikido has grown and evolved over hundreds of years; some believe it started on ancient Japanese battlefields where a warrior's survival depended upon his combat skill with sword, knife and empty hand. The treasured techniques have been passed down through a great lineage of practitioners and talented masters. Links have been traced back as far as the Aizu and Minamoto clans (894-1165 AD), and the Takeda-Ryu Aiki Jujitsu in Japan where only the strongest and most effective techniques were enough to ensure survival.

The change in the Japanese rule (Meiji Restoration 1868 - 1912) witnessed a rapid decline of the militant feudal samurai and the political rise of the mercantile classes slowly eliminating the need for the sword and brutal martial tactics. Japanese culture was forced to adapt to the needs of the modern age.

Taking advantage of these contextual modernisations, one great figure, Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969), commonly known as O'sensei, lifted the martial arts to a new plateau, a search for the ultimate balance between these techniques and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment - harmonising with your attackers regardless of strength or size.

The application of Aikido, as O'sensei taught it, can be easily and effectively applied to protect against bigger and stronger attackers in a non-confrontational way by physically blending with attacker's movement and energy. It is suitable for anyone seeking to gain self-confidence, mind and body awareness, martial superiority, self-control, improved fitness, and to meet people and make new friends. It is ideal for both male and female, young and old.