Buikukai Aikido
Ai: Harmony, Ki: Energy, Do: A Path or Way of Life

Dear Buikukai members and guests,

Children’s Aikido Class

We, Buikukai Aikido, are now offering an Aikido class for kids. Through the practice of Aikido, children learn better how to cooperate and resolve conflict harmoniously.

1. Age
Any children between 5 - 12 years old (limited number) For children under 6, parent shall be present for training.


 2. Day & Time

Saturday 9:50 - 10:50 am


 3. Training Periods (9 sessions in each term)

Term 2: 5 May (Sat) - 30 Jun (Sat)

Term 3: 28 Jul (Sat) - 22 Sep (Sat)

Term 4: 20 Oct (Sat) - 16 Dec (Sat)

Gradings held twice a year for those interested


 4. Fee

 $30 per term + Grading fee (if interested)


 5. Contact

Email: buikukai.aikido@gmail.com (6th Dan chief instructor, Junichi Nishimura)


Chief Instrutor of Buikukai Aikido NZ (6th Dan)

Avondale Racecourse
2-48 Ash St, Avondale, Auckland